Basic SEO Guides Page Inclusions & Structure

Basic Page Inclusions & Structure – An Introduction The ideal with any page is to provide enough valuable information in the basic page inclusions to satisfy the user’s initial query and guide them to the next part of their journey (research / comparison / action). The user should not need to go back to Google… Read More

Basic SEO Guides Information Architecture

Basic Information Architecture – An Introduction A good, quality, basic information architecture will help your SEO and your users no end. It helps to give structure to your site, to your content and a clear path through which to navigate. If done well, it also enable users to find what they want more easily and… Read More

Basic SEO Guides Content Planning

Basic Content Planning – An Introduction Basic content planning is an important step in delivering your SEO web project to desired outcomes. Ranging from understanding the prospective user, understanding where they may be on their own user journey, and just plain writing down the topics you need to talk about and how to structure it:… Read More

Basic SEO Guides External Linking & Mentions

Basic External Linking – Introduction Even basic external linking is the lifeblood of the internet, with mentions a close second. Generating them and giving them is key to any website’s organic reach, demonstration of expertise and acquisition of authority. This basic guide will introduce the basic concepts and first steps in generating links, linking out and mentions.… Read More

Basic SEO Guides Meta Tags

Basic Meta Tags – An Introduction Basic meta tags are sometimes thought of as all that is needed for SEO. Although, they have become less important over the years, they still set a strong foundation for a page’s SEO and can even control whether or not a page is indexed. This page will cover the basics… Read More

Basic SEO Guides Competitor Research

Basic Competitor Research – An Introduction Doing basic competitor research before starting any SEO web build is vital. Getting this right enables a shortcut to what’s important to the search engines for the target market, and what users are likely to like, as well as a shortcut to understanding the scale, or opportunity of the… Read More

Basic SEO Guides Keyword Research

Basic Keyword Research – An Introduction Keyword research, even in a basic form, is the cornerstone of any SEO campaign, or content build. Get it right and you will see invaluable insights into what your users want to find out about. You will also be able to use it to structure information, links, navigation and… Read More

Find Crawl Index

  Find Crawl Index focuses on Google, but can generally be applied to most search engines. If you understand what search engines want to do with their resources and what they want to surface to their users, then you can start to get a handle on delivering it to them, so that your pages can be  linked by… Read More

Belmore Digital SEO Guides

The aim of this section is to provide detailed SEO guides for all levels of SEO knowledge and expertise. It’s not intended to provide every single answer for every single instance, and, like a lot of things, your experience may be different. It’s also under active development 😉 Find, Crawl, Index This is the starting point… Read More