JB’s Digital Update 14th November 2023

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It didn’t take 5 months to write this week’s digital update! 📣 ✅ Meta Built Threads in 5 Months - What Were They Doing?;  ✅ Google’s Reviews Update Here But Now Going Dark;  ✅ Amazon in the FTC Naughty Corner this week;  ✅ Google Ads Gives You Full Funnel Options - Use Them; ✅ And remember that email automations are an easy win for CRM. 🌟All that wrapped up in a handy blog post by me, your wise, wizened, JB ;-) Read on and enjoy! 🌟

JB’s Digital Update 18th July 2023

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Unless you’ve been hiding out under a rock, or sitting on a desert island carelessly whittling away, you will have noticed that all is not well in the rarified lands of social media and billionaire willy-wavers. Let’s have a look at three things that have been going on and what the future may hold for those of you who need to know for social media management purposes. 

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