JavaScript Loses 35% of Search Traffic & Revenue

Woah Nelly! I am shocked by this…

You mean JavaScript is not the best thing for SEO since sliced bread?

I can’t believe I’m writing this: JavaScript is sometimes readable by Google, but the other search engines?

It’s like they haven’t even heard of JavaScript.

Read the full story from TWIS SEO News & Updates 01 Sept 2017.

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Googlebot Web Rendering Service Revealed

Read this guide on how Googlebot’s Web Rendering Service works, and tips on how to set up your website to be easily crawled and indexed by it.

Contact me to discuss how best to get your content into a state where it can be Found, Crawled and Indexed – that is critical for surfacing in SERPs.

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Google Likes Tasty Breadcrumbs

Find out why Google Likes Breadcrumbs so much in this post, and read 6 tips on how to implement them for a bit of crawling and ranking love from Google. Doing this could impact your web business.

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Google XML Sitemaps LOL

Click to the link to read the free thought-piece, with actionable insights into the thoughts of Google and how they think Most CMSs Produce XML Sitemaps. Having great XML Sitemaps can influence your crawling and indexation and, ultimately, impact your web business…

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TWIS SEO Update 02 June 2017

Read the TWIS SEO Update 2nd June 2017. We have Chrome blocking ads in 2018; JavaScript causing crawling and indexing issues; PageSpeed being difficult to determine; a view that Social Media helps SEO; NOODP going for good; as well as some exceptionally interesting Bits & Pieces.

We’ve also released the super-exciting The State of SEO in mid-2017. Read it now.

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The Week In Search 28 Apr 2017

Read the 5 most important search updates w/e 28-Apr-2017: the Project Owl Fake News Offensive; Quality Filtering in the Local Pack; Google Assistant winning the battle of the PVAs; AMP disappearing from SERPs; Googlebot not listening to podcast audio; and a few further bits and pieces…

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Basic SEO Guides Meta Tags

Basic SEO Meta Tags – An Introduction Basic SEO meta tags are sometimes thought of as all that is needed for good SEO rankings. Although, they have become less important over the years, they still set a strong foundation for a page’s SEO and can even control whether or not a page is indexed. This page… Read More

Basic SEO Guides XML Sitemaps

Basic XML Sitemaps – An Introduction Having at least one XML Sitemap is extremely important these days in alerting Google and other engines to the availability of quality content from them to find, crawl and index. They are not hugely complex, should be automated, and are an easy win. #SEOGuides #SEOStrategy #XMLSitemaps #Googlebot… Read More

Basic SEO Guides Robots.txt

Basic Robots.txt – An Introduction: This page gives an basic introduction to basic robots.txt, its usefulness for SEO, Google rankings and how to construct one. #SEOGuides #SEOStrategy #Robotstxt #Googlebot… Read More

Basic SEO Guides Google Search Console

Basic Google Search Console – An Introduction Google Search Console is a fundamental element of any SEO project or task. It provides basic or detailed information regarding how your site is indexed by Google and if Google finds any issues with your site. #SEOGuides #SEOStrategy #GoogleSearchConsole… Read More

Find Crawl Index

Find Crawl Index focuses on the key SEO ranking factors which Google uses to rank websites, but can generally be applied to most search engines. If you understand what search engines want to do with their resources and what they want to surface to their users, then you can start to get a handle on delivering it… Read More

The Week In Search SEO News 17 Mar 2017

Google is having a stab at identifying  upsetting or offensive content via its Quality Raters, Google Search Console had a day of missing Google Analytics data, before squeezing organic SERPs further with 6 Google Ads at the bottom . There has also been a study that shows Chrome does not pass URLs for googlebot discovery as well as another reiteration that 404s are… Read More