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JB’s Digital Update 12th December 2023

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It feels like 2005 all over again with big happenings in email, social and search: 🎄 ✅ Google and Yahoo get serious about bulk email senders - I though they had already!;  ✅ Threads is developing nicely with tags and Twitter expats;  ✅ Google’s Search boss reveals the inner workings of search;  ✅ A blast from the past as Google Groups surface again; ✅ AI gets a run at cold email. Now you have nicely personalised spam.  🌟All that wrapped up in a handy video and blog post by me, your Christmas grinch, JB ;-) Read on and enjoy! 🌟 ❤️ Don’t forget to like, share, follow, subscribe, wherever you see this post ❤️

JB’s Digital Update 15th August 2023

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This week turned into a bit of an AI-Google fest, blathering on about the challenges of controlling AI access to your hard-crafted content, vs Google wanting full access. There are also changes to FAQ & How To's on the SERP, presumably due to spam, some sage advice re content pruning, and a good guide to AI-driven PMax Google Ads campaigns. Read it and educate yourself ;-)

Google To Crack Down on AMP Spammers

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In a continuation of the traditional cat & mouse game of search, Google is about to put a stop to those sites which put teaser content up on AMP pages, rather than the same content as the canonical URL. Oddly, they are giving three month's notice of the change. Possibly this is because some of the offenders are their new best mates, the big news publishers. Read more in this extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 17th November 2017. #SEO #SEONews #AMP #webspam #CanonicalURLs #SERP

Google – No Manual Action No Disavow 

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Well now. Disavowing links is a thorny issue, and Gary Illyes has waded right in there. Google is now saying you don't really need to spend your time submitting link disavow files to Google unless you've got a Manual Action from the webspam team. Unsurprisingly, some webmasters disagree. Often they have built services on disavowing links. Read about it in this extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 10th November 2017. #SEO #SEONews #LinkSpam #LinkBuilding #LinkDisavowal #WebSpam

Google Ends First Click Free – Allows Cloaked Spam Instead

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I'm disappointed in Google ending First Click Free. I think that shutting down First Click Free is a poor decision for users, but a potentially beneficial one for big publishers. I'm not convinced even this sop will allow the gilded news publishers to reap the profits they feel they so richly deserve.   Get ready for "flexible sampling" by reading and following the Key Actions List. #SEO #SEONews #GoogleNews #FirstClickFree #FlexibleSampling #WebSpam #Cloaking

Google Issues Structured Markup Spam Manual Actions

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Click here to read about the structured data spam manual actions Google has been issuing, and what you can do to recover, if you have been affected. Contact me if you would like to discuss implementing structured data properly on your website to maximise exposure in search (or recover from a spam manual action). #SEO #StructuredData #WebSpam #GooglePenalties #Reviews

TWIS SEO News & Updates w/e 04 August 2017

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Read the TWIS SEO News and Updates for w/e 4th August 2017. This week there are a bunch of interesting stories to read, including: - Google Reveals Two Secret Google Search Console Features; - Google Demonstrates How Googlebot Web Rendering Works; - Two Google Algorithm Flaws Exposed; - Only 20% of Clicks Now Go to No.1 - New CTR Study; - Are You Checking Your GMB Pages for Mystery Updates?; - As well as some fabulously fascinating Bits & Pieces. #SEO #GoogleSearchConsole #Googlebot #WebSpam #LocalSEO #ClickThroughRates

SEO News: TWIS Update w/e 26 May 2017

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Read the TWIS SEO Update w/e 26th May 2017: - Google Warning About Spammy Article Links; - An Update to the Google Update of 17th May; - A study showing Yelp Converts Better than Google or Facebook; - AMP seriously speeding up pages and ads; - Information about SEO Over Optimisation; - And some exceptionally interesting Bits and Pieces. #SEO #LinkBuilding #GoogleUpdates #Conversions #AMP

SEO News: The Week In Search w/e 10 Mar 2017

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Google has rolled out a significant, but unconfirmed update Fred, while AMP comes to Asian search engines, Gary Illyes “Good Comments Good”, YouTube and other embeds may cause PageSpeed issues and Google starts to notify webmasters of technical issues with incorrect AMP Hostnames. #GoogleUpdates #AMP #WebsiteQuality #PageSpeed #YouTube #GoogleSearchConsole […]

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