Digital Trend 2024 for Development and Technology: Tech evolution is swift. AI shapes development, while headless architecture gains ground. Everything as a Service expands, but app overload looms. Amid tech layoffs, seize talent opportunities. Stay agile to thrive!

AI – Wassat Then?

Believe it or not, but in 2024, AI is going to be pretty important to the world of development. From using AI to craft code, to using AI to build apps and services, there will barely be an element which is not touched by AI. It hasn’t quite got to the stage of “AI, build me a website”, but you never know – 5 years?

Headless – Chickens

Headless is the flavour of the year for 2024. Everyone’s doing it, whether or not it’s right for them. I still struggle to see the benefits for a lot of people but it kind of works. Mostly. Well, occasionally. Unfortunately, the people who make the decision to go headless rarely really understand the requirements. Go node.

XaaS – Just Too Much

Everything as a Service is only going to continue its exponential growth as more and more companies move to monthly or yearly models. I’ve even seen big companies adding in break payments, which is technically having your cake, eating it, and putting a cherry on top. Manage your budgets, look for apps that do a lot, manage users / seats and look for interoperability.

More & More Niche / Specialised Apps

Speaking of XaaS, everything is now moving to stupidly priced apps. Yes, as an individual concept, $50 / month is not a bad price, but it is when you have to do that for 10, 20, 30+ apps. Your app stack does not need to be that big. Again, wherever possible look for multiple functionality within an app, unless the niche / specialised app has a killer function.

Tech Layoffs – Opportunities?

Right now, the fashion in Big Tech is to right-size everything, which in reality means layoffs as they actually downsize. There’s been a lot of mumbo-jumbo coming from the companies. Mostly they are starting to enter the mature phase of their business cycles where efficency, cost-cutting and margin growth are more important than innovation and spectacular growth.

Expect more layoffs. This means some talented people will become available. And some less talented. They may bring good experience and working practices to your organisation. This doesn’t mean Big Tech is dying, but maybe misdirected in some instances.


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