Digital Things of Interest Overview:

Read these Digital Things of Interest for 18th August 2017, which includes the following erudite entities:

  • Facebook Watch copying YouTube;
  • LinkedIn’s new “Connection Active” feature;
  • A great article about when to use Web Fonts;
  • A fab geeky page about keyboards through time.

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Digital Things of Interest 18th August 2017:

  • Facebook Watch – Going After YouTube
    • Funnily, I was muttering to myself a couple of weeks ago about how the next move for Facebook in its “copy rather than innovate” phase of development was to use its own video publishing power to take on YouTube. And what happens? They go and do it a couple of weeks later. With 2 billion users, or so, this could be a YouTube killer. We’ll wait to see while it pans out. And maybe watch a video or two.
  • LinkedIn “Connection Active” New Feature
    • It’s getting harder to hide from anyone these days. LinkedIn has released a new feature which shows if a connection of yours is active currently – and importantly, it’s on by default. Who knows, maybe this heralds a step into a live messenger extension of the app, especially as their current messaging service is some way beyond dire. Oh, and now your boss has a chance of knowing if you are surfing LinkedIn – looking for jobs?
  • Web Fonts – When You Need Them
    • Now this is a good article on when you should, or shouldn’t use Web Fonts. The decision tree by the author is just magnificent and, if I’m reading it correctly, he generally says try to avoid if at all possible – something I’m inclined to agree with. Use System Fonts if you can.
  • Keyboards Through Time
    • I was researching something else, and I stumbled across this gem of a page chronicling the various developments of keyboards from old school typewriters to new-fangled computers and mobile phone. This page really struck at the core of the inner geek in me. I loved it. This is why the internet exists and why it should continue to.

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