Digital Things of Interest Overview:

Read these Digital Things of Interest for 27 July 2017, which includes:

  • Excellent reasoning for using one persona per project
  • A great look into mobile phone keyboard design
  • Dallas getting rid of parking lots for parks
  • How your undies can affect your servers

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Digital Things of Interest 27 July 2017:

  • One Persona to Rule Them All
    • This is a very good article calling for personas to be established and used across pretty much all digital projects, and critically, for personas to be individualised to each project.
    • With a persona, you have a “person” to design for, which is always much easier than KPIs, or objectives. Just like the role of User Stories in development, humanising production almost always creates a deeper connection and understanding of the problem you are trying to solve.
    • From my experience, there are any number of ways to create personas, and everyone thinks their methodology is the only one, which has led to some disillusionment with them, but if persona design is kept flexible rather than rigid, you can usually create a persona that can be integrated into any digital project.


  • Keyboard Smörgåsbord
    • I love this post about changing mobile keyboard design, it ticks a lot of geeky, nuggety information needs for me. It always amazes me when I realise the amount of time and thought which goes into things we use every day, and the amount of discussion and debate changes to those things can generate.
    • If I’m brutally honest, the Windows Phone keyboard was always one of the clearest and easiest to use for, backed up by excellent fat-finger correction, whereas I’ve always detested the Android one & find it difficult to use.


  • These Cities Are Replacing The Worst Kind Of Infrastructure With The Best
    • This is a cool little tale about Dallas and other cities morphing their parking lots into more usable, human, spaces, as car usage decreases (or is regulated more heavily). Generally, this is a good thing to encourage public transport, reduce time stuck in jams, and generally clear to roads of traffic.
    • With autonomous self-driving vehicles on the far horizon, there’s a chance that we’ll end up not owning a personal car, but leasing them for our journeys before they trundle off to pick up their next ride.


  • Fresh cotton underpants fix series of mysterious mainframe crashes
    • I found this amusing. It’s a tale from the tech support dungeons about how polyester outfits may have caused static discharges which in turn my also have caused unplanned server room reboots – hard reboots can cause significant problems. As well as a tech solution, they also paid for new outfits for some of the team.
    • Always wear cotton undies peeps!


That’s it for today. If you find anything of interest in the digital space that you think is worth sharing, please get in touch with me.

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The State of SEO Mid 2017

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