Digital Things of Interest Overview:

Read these Digital Things of Interest for 28 July 2017, which includes:

  • A clam story to illustrate innovation challenges and solutions;
  • Medical records added to Google’s Removal list;
  • Marketo forgetting to renew its domain (whoops!);
  • Some approaches to customer service from Seth Godin.

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Digital Things of Interest 28 July 2017:

  • 4 Types of Innovation and a Clam Story
    • This is good primer on 4 different types of innovation sectioned out into a matrix by whether the problem is well defined and whether the skills domain needed to solve it is well defined. There are four different types: Breakthrough, Sustaining, Disruptive and Basic. Clearly there was some error in the editing process however, as all references to AI and Machine Learning have been wiped out. I’m pretty sure the clam story is apocryphal, but it was amusing.
  • Medical Records Join Others For Google Removal
    • Obviously, this is a good bit of news for patients who have their records exposed, but it does leave one to wonder about the internet security protocols of the medical data vendors & repositories. Sometimes, they are hacked, sometimes they are unsecured, and sometimes they are unsecured, but claim to be hacked. Like doctors, we have to trust these people with our data, but we don’t know much about their procedures.
  • Marketo Forgets to Renew Its Domain
    • You know how it is. You’re one of the web’s biggest providers of mar tech and marketing automation software, but you forget to turn on auto-renewal on your domain AND you ignore, or miss, the various emails from your Domain Registrar advising of the impending renewal date. Lots of digital marketers were a) freaked and b) twiddling their thumbs as a result of this temporary black-holing.
    • It’s easy to laugh, but I’ve been there & had a very important domain fall into its grace period before lapsing. Not a nice feeling, but quickly recoverable. At least DNS propagation takes minutes / hours these days.
  • Four Ways to Improve Customer Service
    • I’m not an avid follower of Seth Godin, but he often has a fair point to make. He’s right about these four ways, but he misses the initial point: you have to be prepared to *listen in the first place*. Too often companies pay lip service to feedback and customer service with it being routed straight to /dev/null. Often the only way to get something resolved is via Twitter, which is sorted for the individual, but not resolved for others. Wait until most Customer Service is run by AI Chatbots. Then we’ll have really poor customer service.

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