Digital Things of Interest Overview:

Read the Digital Things of Interest for 08 August 2017, which includes digital news, a study and a how-to guide – mainly across social media and content marketing today:

  • Facebook using PageSpeed as part of the Newsfeed algo;
  • A how to article on beating the NewsFeed algo;
  • A study from Buffer across 16 million social media posts;
  • *That* Google engineer has been fired.

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Digital Things of Interest 08 August 2017:

  • Facebook NewsFeed Showing Links to Faster Webpages
    • Facebook appears to have gotten in on the PageSpeed game implementing another shift to remove organic listings in the NewsFeed, this time focusing on slower loading websites. They don’t say whether or not advertising with FB will impact surfacing, even though they prefetch on slower connections. One thing’s for certain though, Instant Articles seems to be dead in the water.
  • Beat the NewsFeed and Build Organic Reach
    • I quite like this article, although it is a little thin. To be honest, I think most consumers know the NewsFeed is usually algorithmically derived rather than being a linear, temporal thing. The author mentions quality, relationship with the viewer and posting frequency / time of posting. All very true, but still not guaranteed to get your content seen.
  • Buffer Lessons from 16 Million Posts
    • There has been a bit of a spate of “never mind the quality, look at the size of my data” type posts recently, and like a lot of Big Data / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence insights, I’m really not convinced that the data that gets reported is actually all that interesting. Certainly, when I read these posts, I often think the real story has been missed. The one outstanding thing in this is that Video is such a leader in terms of engagement on Facebook. YouTube v2 anyone? They also miss some interesting things which seem to be true about *not* posting links, pics, or videos.
  • Google Fires Diversity Memo Author
    • If you have been hiding under a large rock since last week you may not have heard of the brouhaha caused by a Google employee’s “Diversity Manifesto”. Or it may have been that this item caused you to scuttle under the rock. Anyway, in the greatest shock since the sun set last night, Google has fired the employee responsible. The memo itself was pretty poorly written, showing a lack of perception of the author’s own biases, obscuring any “thoughts” that went into the piece. I’m sure he was a smart coder, but clearly not a very smart thinker.

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