Digital Things of Interest Overview:

Read these Digital Things of Interest for 09 August 2017, which includes some interesting articles on:

  • Uber drivers ganging up to beat the algorithms;
  • King Content goes down the gurgler ;
  • Top-notch content numbers from LinkedIn & BuzzSumo;
  • Funny freelancer achievement stickers.

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Digital Things of Interest 09 August 2017:

  • Uber Drivers Gang Up To Cause Surge Pricing
    • Although we all hate surge pricing and know that on occasion crossing over to the other side of the street can deflate pricing once again, you have to admire these drivers gaming the system to increase their wages. Of course, it is annoying that we pay for surge pricing, but it is also annoying that they have to do it. It’s always fun to see the artificial intelligence algorithms can still be gamed.
  • King Content – What Went Wrong?
    • Oh dear. This is a sorry tale of the big buyout of King Content, the Aussie content marketers, by a media monitoring agency and it all going wrong. Isentia pulled the plug on the brand in dramatic fashion. The sudden nature may of course be a stock market requirement, but it also looks like something went off the rails very badly and very quickly. Having worked with companies who worked with King, they could create content, but couldn’t do SEO.
  • The DNA Behind The World’s Most Successful Content
    • This is a great long PDF doc written by BuzzSumo and LinkedIn, packed with heaps of top-notch insights for content marketing and content strategy. I’m a bit sad it wasn’t produced by Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence however.
  • Freelance Achievement Stickers
    • I love, love, love this. It brought a smile to my face on a wintry Sydney morning. A fab collection of playful achievement stickers for freelancers to award themselves. Clearly, describing funny pictures is a natural extension which works in every instance, but I thought the “went outside” badge particularly apt.

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