Digital Things of Interest Overview:

Read these Digital Things of Interest for 16 August 2017, which includes:

  • Facebook acquiring a German video specialist, possibly for AR;
  • Snippets from Deloitte’s Mobile Consumer Survey;
  • How a single word drove 161% CTR improvement;
  • News that IoT smart locks have been borked by an OTA update. Oops.

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Digital Things of Interest 16 August 2017:

  • Facebook Acquires German Video Specialist
    • Well, for once, instead of copying Snapchat, Facebook has opened up the cheque book (remember them?) to purchase this German video specialist. Apparently, the company specializes in adding & removing objects in videos. This could be handy for some sort of AR function in the Facebook camera.
  • Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey
    • No email needed to download the PDF, chock full of mobile usage stats of interest. There’s the unsurprising stat that around 50% of us bookend our days with the mobile within 15 minutes of waking up or going to sleep. What is really interesting is that the largest proportion of us check messages, emails and socials, with news a long way down the list. No wonder the Newsies want to get into our message feeds. Really interesting stuff.
  • Copywriting Drives 161% CTR Increase with a Single Word
    • This is a good example of how a single seemingly small change can drive significant results. “Request a quote” went to “Request pricing” and boom. It’s also a bit of a poster boy for listening to your customers and taking on board their feedback, because… that’s what their customers told them they wanted.
  • IoT Smart Locks Borked By Update
    • I think we’ll be hearing more about these kinds of things, as a software update goes wrong leaving the IoT device borked. Unfortunately, in this case it was a smart door lock leaving them inoperable (as smart locks). The resolution? RTB for a hardware replace / reset. Ouch.

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