Digital Things of Interest Overview:

Read these Digital Things of Interest for 21 August 2017, which includes:

  • A nifty e-paper tablet nearing production;
  • Push notifications can increase engagement, or drive users wild;
  • GDPR is going to be big – for users and advertisers;
  • The $$$ outcomes of a whole heap of big tech IPOs.

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Digital Things of Interest 21 August 2017:

  • reMarkable E-Paper Table
    • I really like this look of this little beastie. I suspect that e-paper really is the way to go for tablets that you actually want to use as a notepad. I’ve used the Apple Pencil with an iPad Pro and it just doesn’t quite cut the mustard. I, for one, would love to get to the point where there is no more paper. Maybe if they get a little roughness to the screen it’d even feel like paper.
  • Using Push Notifications to Increase Engagement
    • This is one of those Digital Marketing thingies where you think “that could be really handy” and then you realise that within about 20 minutes, you’d be over-whelmed by semi-spam alerts and the whole kit and kaboodle gets ruined for an eternity. There was a discussion on Twitter last week about something similar. I’m firmly of the belief, that mobile operating systems should supress or mute notifications which you don’t respond to / take no action over, or mute. It’s within their algorithmic power and they track everything else we do with out phones.
  • GDPR – Upcoming EU Privacy Regulation
    • I’ve seen snippets about GDPR (the EU’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation), and judging by this Guardian article it’s likely to be a bit of a big deal. Essentially, it means that all services have to *explicitly* get your approval to collect and retain your personal data and have to make it available for you to retrieve and delete – and something like your IP address is going to be regarded as personal data. I like this regulation. Reading the comments, there’s a whole heap of tin-foil hatters and people who don’t understand who online advertising works.
  • Big Tech Returns since IPO
    • So this is quite an amusing take on the returns offered by some of the big tech IPOs of recent (and historical) times. The starting premise is that you invested $1000 at the time they went public. Ignoring Bitcoin and the surrounding hype for the minute, it’s intriguing to see some of the really big names doing well: Amazon, Adobe, Oracle, for example, versus some of the companies doing not so well. It’s funny, but I feel slightly disappointed that Facebook and Google are only worth five times and 18 times their original IPO price, even though they are two of the biggest global companies now. Mind you, I’ll get over it.

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