Digital Things of Interest Overview:

Read these Digital Things of Interest for 22 August 2017, which includes:

  • The rise of fraud in influencer marketing;
  • Fairfax Media’s new commercial digital strategy;
  • A quick look at some dangerous digital design trends;
  • 5 productivity tips from proper procrastinators

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Digital Things of Interest 22 August 2017:

  • Influencer Fraud Threat to Digital Marketing
    • There has been a fair amount of kerfuffle in recent weeks as digital marketers have slowly woken up to the realisation that *some* social media influencers are not all they appear. As with everything, there are gaping holes ripe for hucksters and spammer to take advantage of. The latest, aside from fake likes, appears to be self-organising groups of influencers looking to get each other to a point where they can claim the influencing big bucks. Imagine what these guys could do if they applied their smarts to not spamming!


  • Fairfax Media New Commercial Digital Strategy
    • Fairfax Media has been in big trouble for a long time. Its digital arms have been flailing as they have tried unsuccessfully to come to terms with declining newsprint sales, poor website and digital decisions and flattening advertising. This repositioning will see them reduce the number of ads, but charge more for them. Overdosing on ads in digital terms is usually as a result of poor understanding of digital users leading to less ad views and money flowing in. They’ve also decided to back away from Facebook, having vien them a leg-up into boosting their own ad revenue, Fairfax may have finally realised, they’ve cut themselves off at the knees. Time will tell if this revamp will be a winner.


  • Dangerous Design Trends
    • Gosh there are a lot of funky design trends here – and apparently they are dangerous ones. Basically, use bright colours wisely, avoid experimental layouts for heavy content, and be very careful with little detail designs. I have to confess, I’m on the edge with all of them. Make it clear, make it legible, make it easy. Nice designs don’t always translate to winning the web.


  • Productivity from Procrastinators
    • Once I’d got over the annoying nature of email sub slider (and got around to actually reading the article), this was quite amusing. I like the concept of Vioctor Hugo of locking away your clothes. Generally, these are a step above the usual “get up at 5am”, “practice mindfulness” rubbish we are usually exhorted to follow.


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