Digital Things of Interest Overview:

Read these Digital Things of Interest for 26 July 2017, which includes:

  • A list of 7 things a developer wishes designers would do more of;
  • A US robocall scammer fined $120m USD;
  • Natural language processing key terms;
  • A colourful article about colour fonts – sunglasses advised.

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Digital Things of Interest 27 July 2017:

  • 7 things I wished designers did more of when working with developers
    • This is a really good little list of things that designers could do to help out their developer friends during the production process. I haven’t seen a similar response from designers back to developers, but I’m certain they’d have an equivalent list. As a Digital Marketer, I’d quite like it if both parties talked to us! As Winston Churchill said “Jaw-jaw is always better than war-war”, although it’s not known if he ran WW2 as Scrum / Kanban or Waterfall.


  • Scammer who made 96 million robocalls should pay $120M fine, FCC says
    • Oh my word. 96 million robocalls! The fine of US $120 million will give them pause for thought, although whether the $1.25CPC is enough to deter future spammers is up for debate. Robocall = dropped call in my home, as does the silence while the system connects you to an available operator.


  • Natural Language Processing Key Terms Explained
    • For anyone who is interested in language analysis this is a good bit of reading. Using this really helps you to start to understand how search engines work in this day and age, as well as the Virtual Personal Assistants and looming army of AI chatbots who are poised to take over most basic customer service enquiries.


  • Colorfonts: The Future of Typography
    • My eyes! My eyes! These mixed colour fonts have to be seen to be believed, and if successful, they will be likely coming to a web page / web app near you soon. The technology behind this is awfully clever. I’m certain that the designers will have lofty ambitions about just-so usage and the standout possible from these fonts, but I spent way too long looking at pages filled with Comic Sans Serif, Marquee scrolling and content. I can’t wait.


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