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Read these Digital Things of Interest for 29 August 2017, which includes these exciting entities:

  • Even Big Corp PLC makes horrendous marketing and data mistakes;
  • Too much fake news on social media makes your eyes bleed* ;
  • Fun advice for newbie designers (wear a shirt, just once);
  • I ghosted my ex – bit of a tale this one.
  • * Honest, it does!

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Digital Things of Interest DD MMM YYYY:

  • 4 Mistakes I Learnt About Marketing and Data
    • It’s always quite re-assuring to read of others’ stuff-ups, Especially when you think “there but for the grace of…”, and doubly-especially when ther stuff-ups are made by a Fortune 50 company. One of the things we forget is that often the big companies take a very, very, long time to catch up with the world and what’s been “best practice” for a while out in the open air..
  • Information Overload on Social Media and Fake News
    • This is an interesting article covering off the challenge of the boat-loads of content we are exposed to every day through our social media feeds, versus identifying what’s good, what’s not, and what’s fake. I have to confess, it needs a limit, but conversely, I don’t think a limit is the answer. Better algorithms would be better.
  • To Those New To Design
    • I love this 25 point list dealing with the author’s views of what challenges are faced during a design-career and how you can find yourself heading down these wrong turns as a newbie. Entertaining read.
  • I Ghosted My Ex
    • Sometimes, you just think “WHAT?” It turns out that some 10 years after ghosting their ex, this person has discovered that said ex who hasn’t been seen in the intervening timespan is about to be the ghoster’s boss. I’m forecasting a shortened tenure for the ghoster. I read it shaking my head.

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