Digital Things of Interest Overview:

Read these Digital Things of Interest for 31 July 2017, which includes:

  • 5 digital trends you should be on top of;
  • A nice piece about using eye tracking to aid design;
  • The news that Volvo self-driving cars are confused by kangaroos. Like the rest of us then;
  • BuzzSumo’s massive social media headline analysis. Self-fulfilling, or what?

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Digital Things of Interest 31 July 2017:

  • 5 Digital Trends to Capitalise On
    • I like this list, however, if you are in the field then these 5 digital trends kind of make you go “huh”. Personalisation, AI, IoT, SEO & Content and Native Ads – I’m pretty sure I’ve been reading about these and discussing these with clients for a good 5 years! If you’re not aware of these digital trends, you should have been a while ago.
  • What Designers Can Learn From Eye Tracking
    • I love eye-tracking. Used well, it can really help to alter pre-conceptions of where users look for content / actions, and can improve design no end. Too often however, sites and digital platforms get released with very limited eye-tracking testing – despite the benefits for user-friendliness, as well as driving conversions.
  • Volvo Self Driving Cars Confused by Kangaroos
    • I would imagine there are still a wide array of things and animals that self-driving cars are confused by, let alone kangaroos, who if we’re honest confuse humans, as well as algorithms. Roos tend to be erratic in their paths unfortunately. I can’t wait for self-driving cars – the roads & journeys will be so much smoother.
  • BuzzSumo Social Media Headline Analysis
    • The chaps and chapesses at BuzzSumo trawled through 100 million social media headlines to put together this insightful list of what words / phrases work for engagement. There’s some useful info here, although it now become self-fulfilling, as ever social media marketer will start to post using these findings

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