Digital Things of Interest Overview:

Read these Digital Things of Interest for 29 July 2017, which includes:

  • Google trying to keep brands safe on YouTube;
  • An explainer about hamburger menus;
  • The Nokia 6 – what could have been?;
  • Why Firefox market share is dropping.

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Digital Things of Interest 29 July 2017:

  • Google’s Attempts to keep brands safe on YouTube
    • After being hit in the hip-pocket by advertiser withdrawals, Google finally took steps to address issues of brand ads appearing close to extreme, or offensive, videos. This is a timeline of those events. Of course, despite complaints previously, it took financial sanctions for Google to listen. Who says sanctions don’t work?


  • What is a hamburger menu?
    • One from the “basics” set of questions, but this a good explainer for anyone confused by the term hamburger menu, which doesn’t include fries. I hate it when desktop websites have hamburger menus, and find they are quite often poorly implemented on mobile (tap to open, navigate, tap to close – not smooth). It’s doubtful, but the Mobile First Index might sort that out.


  • Nokia 6
    • It’s not often I get wistful for phones, but I miss Nokia. I thought their final Lumia range of phones were great. In fact, I was looking as some pics from my bright yellow 1020 yesterday – they’re marvellous for a mobile phone! Anyway, quite like the design of this, even though it’s still tipping its hat to the final MS incarnations of Nokia, and it’s running Android. Almost tempting…


  • Firefox Market Share – Like a Stone
    • What a great post from one of the former senior guys at Firefox, talking about the decline of Firefox as browser of choice due to device shifting (desktop to mobile – FF is not a popular browser on mobile) and the exercise of monopoly power by Chrome, with nagware ad bars if you dare to visit a Google property on anything other than Chrome. Eventually, you just kind of give in. For years, the plugins were better on FF, FF gave us tabs, and freed us from the MSIE yoke. Even if it does disappear, I’ll miss it.
    • One thing browsers get a bad rep for is slowing machines down, which all of them get at some point. Perhaps if developers learnt to code better, and try to stuff umpteen gigabytes of poorly-written JavaScript into our machines, it wouldn’t be so bad. We should be so lucky


That’s it for today. If you find anything of interest in the digital space that you think is worth sharing, please get in touch with me.

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