Digital Things of Interest Overview:

Read today’s Digital Things of Interest for 24 July 2017 which includes:

  • Three Common Content Promotion Mistakes;
  • Zuck Using FB Stories on his Non-Presidential Tour;
  • Designers Prototyping & Usability Testing within 40 Hours;
  • Tech Giants Showing Russians their code.

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Digital Things of Interest 24 July 2017:

  • Zuck Uses FB Stories – No One Else Does
    • Mildly snarky, but still trenchant commentary on the runaway success, or otherwise of Facebook Stories, and the fact that Zuck seems to be the only one using them as he trundles his way round the US on his “Not Really Testing the Waters for Presidency Tour”. Seeing as Snap appears to be struggling, perhaps Facebook will stop with the Snapchat clones, and innovate themselves.
    • Read more Facebook stories.
  • 40 Hours to Prototype
    • Quite a long piece describing a designer’s one-week journey to complete prototyping and usability testing. One thing that’s very interesting is that even in today appified world with styluses, tables and the rest the team go back to pen, paper and stickies to capture ideas and things quickly. I love this kind of fast-moving development, although it it very hard to do well!
    • I’ve only got one post about Project Management currently, but this has inspired me to start a piece on Scrum SEO vs Waterfall or Linear SEO.
  • Tech Giants Show Russia Their Code
    • Who would have thought that Russia would be interested in seeing the source code of tech giant products? Or would have though that this might, possibly, be a bad thing? It seems like Cisco, IBM, HP, McAfee and SAP opened up their code-lockers, so the Russians “could check for back doors”. Of course, since this, we’ve also had Australian leader Malcolm Trumble denying the primacy of the Laws of Mathematics over Australian law. You’ve got to think that in 5 years, there will be almost no privacy from interested governments, and that will really open up Pandora’s Box.
    • Nup, nothing else on Internet Security. Perhaps I should cover it.

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