Digital Trend 2024 for Training and Upskilling: Courses are everywhere, from bite-sized tutorials to transformative programmes. AI-driven content creation and video learning are reshaping education. As courses flood the market, quality varies. Will traditional classrooms make a comeback post-pandemic?

Courses Everywhere

There continues to be a shift to course for everything and everyone is selling their courses. Whether they are short courses, long “transformation” courses or downloadable courses, they continue to be of interest to people. And frankly, the quality of teaching and deliverables varies enormously.

AI – Creation

AI is of course having a major effect in this space. From course design to content creation, it is driving an awful lot of new and exciting courses into the market. See above re the quality of teaching and deliverables.

Video – Still Moving

Video continues to be a strong driver of training and upskilling delivery, but it is changing with technology. More AI delivery, more AI created avatars and some shifts to bite sized lessons.

Return to the Classroom – Maybe

In line with the return to the office post-pandemic, there is also a sign of return to the classroom. It really remains to be seen whether it will ever be the main delivery method again. In general, it has to be one or the other. Classroom or Video – one or the other.


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